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Protecting Your Company’s Brand And Ideas

Entrepreneurs create companies based on ideas. That idea may be a new technology or formula that requires a patent, but it may also involve trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights. Your company’s intellectual property (IP) can take many forms beyond the patent process. Do not overlook the importance of your company’s unique trademark and copyright property. Nordan Licensing is here to assist you with identifying and protecting that property.

Trademarks Identify What Makes Your Company Stand Out

You create your company’s brand by building on its public image. Generating brand loyalty takes time and effort but is essential for a successful business. Undoubtedly, you will wish to protect that brand as an important asset of your business.

You should consider the following types of legal protection:

  • Trademark – You may register certain images, logos, symbols and names of products or services associated with your business as a trademark with the USPTO. Trademarks assist customers in identifying your brand over that of a competitor. Your trademark allows you to stand out and connect with your customers.
  • Trade dress – The USPTO will sometimes issue a trademark for a distinctive look and feel of a commercial product or service. This could relate to design, shape, color or decor if it is distinctive and closely associated with the company. You may be able to sue for infringement if you can prove your trade dress is distinctive and is important to your product’s identification and that the infringing party could cause consumer confusion.
  • Trade secrets – Your brand may have its roots in a product, strategy or process unique to your company and based on private information. Your trade secret may hold the key to your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Nordan Licensing can assist you in protecting those secrets and pursue litigation when others violate trade secret laws.

Your company’s brand goes beyond its registered patents and licensing agreements. Your trademarks are your connection to your consumers.

The Value Of Creative Works

Copyrights provide legal protection for many types of creative endeavors that are considered original works of authorship. These may include:

  • Literary works such as poetry or novels
  • Dramatic works like plays or screenplays
  • Musical scores and songs
  • Visual artistic work
  • Computer software
  • Architecture

Most copyright protections survive for 70 years beyond the life of the author. These creative works do not require registration. Rather, protection exists upon the creation of the work as long as it exists in a tangible medium. For example, a person playing a song is not considered tangible, but if they write the song down on paper, it is now protected.

You may decide to register your copyright for several reasons. Most people register the copyright to establish a public record of creation and ownership. Registration also creates additional legal protections regarding damages and attorney’s fees during litigation.

Experienced Guidance For Your Company’s Intellectual Property

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