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Comprehensive Representation For Your Tech Startup

It starts with an idea. You have found an innovative way to solve a problem or provide a new service using technology. Now you are ready to turn your idea into a profitable venture that allows you to bring your services to the tech market. You must navigate several stages to create and build a successful tech startup.

As an entrepreneur and an innovator, you want a lawyer who will share your passion for your vision. Patent attorney Parrish Nordan, founder of Nordan Licensing, takes great pride in guiding a new startup through each step and helping those companies grow.

Mr. Nordan assists startups in Dallas, Birmingham and across the U.S. with everything from incorporation to consultation on all aspects of intellectual property (IP) portfolio building and management. He has extensive experience prosecuting patents for operating systems and software database systems for health care technology startups.

Incorporation, IP Protection And Investment

You must address many important matters in order to get your startup off the ground. Your chief initial concerns will include:

  • Business formation or incorporation – You must determine what form you would like your business to take. Mr. Nordan will review your options and help you select the entity that offers you the level of protection, flexibility and financial benefit that will best serve you.
  • IP protection – Most tech startups are rooted in a technical innovation of some type. You may need to protect your innovation through the patent process if you have not already done so. Nordan Licensing will help you determine the proper strategy for pursuing a patent, if needed, or managing your existing IP.
  • Investment – Businesses often require investment capital of some type. Whether you are considering a business loan, angel investors or crowdfunding, you need to have your investment contracts thoroughly reviewed.

Mr. Nordan will ensure that your business is ready to compete and well-positioned for future growth. He will also be there when you need legal assistance with negotiating a licensing agreement, IP portfolio management, trademark and branding issues, or contract negotiations.

Building Your IP Portfolio

Once you have established your startup, you can turn your attention to management and growth. Growth may require diversification of the patents owned by your company. Determining a strategy for managing your current assets and investing in new ones requires knowledge and skill. You have many factors to consider, such as revenue streams, business goals, protection of current patents and available funds for investment. Nordan Licensing will help you analyze these factors and help you devise an IP management plan tailored to your company.

Take Your Vision To The Next Level

Allow Nordan Licensing to help you turn your plans into a reality. Contact the office by calling 214-838-0054 or sending an email.