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Creating And Defending Opportunities Overseas

In a global marketplace, you must be prepared to work with businesses overseas. International business is a complex area of law, however, and you need a trusted guide. Lawyers who work in this area must understand commercial law, industry standards and intellectual property (IP) law.

Patent attorney Parrish Nordan, founder of Nordan Licensing, has the necessary background and legal skills to protect your interests as you work with companies from across the globe. With offices in Birmingham, Alabama, and Dallas, Texas, he has assisted many companies doing business across the United States to achieve their business goals.

Representation For International Litigation And Transactions

You may need representation for any number of legal transactions of disputes throughout the life of your business. When those transactions or disputes involve companies from other countries, you must have an attorney who understands international business. Nordan Licensing is here to assist you with many business needs, including:

  • International contracts – This may include negotiation, review and execution of anything from vendor agreements to global investment.
  • International licensing agreements – If you are seeking the use of another company’s patents, trademarks and other intellectual property, or another company would like to use yours, you will need a legal agreement.
  • Trade regulations – You must follow certain domestic and international laws regarding trade, securities and taxes, depending on the country in which you are doing business.
  • Litigation – Disputes may arise, no matter how carefully you draft your agreements. Nordan Licensing will protect your interests if this happens.

Partnering With Global Corporations

Parrish Nordan is a registered patent attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). His experience with the requirements for a successful patent prosecution will give your business an advantage when you need to defend your intellectual property from encroachment by outside interests. This may require registering your IP in certain international markets, as well.

Mr. Nordan will analyze your IP portfolio to help you strategize the best course of action for expanding protection globally and in the U.S. He has experience negotiating and partnering with various international and multinational corporations.

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