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A Comprehensive Approach To Managing Your Cannabis Business

In some respects, running a cannabis business is like any other business. In other respects, it is quite different. You may need to incorporate your business with the state, but you also may need to patent a particular cannabis strain you created, as well as obtain a trademark for that strain’s name. You may need someone to review vendor contracts, but you also may need a lawyer who can advocate on your behalf with the state government.

Nordan Licensing ties all these services together for cannabis businesses. Patent attorney Parrish Nordan understands the unique needs of cannabis companies. As a registered patent attorney, he will protect your intellectual property (IP). He also has a background in business law and government lobbying. Mr. Nordan will determine how the different aspects of your company affect one another and can offer unique solutions tailored to your business needs.

Patents For Cannabis Products

You may find you need more than one type of patent for your cannabis products. As a registered patent attorney, Mr. Nordan can help you determine which patents will work best for your innovative products and help you build your IP portfolio. They may include:

  • Plant patents – If you have developed a living plant organism with a unique genetic makeup that can only be created through asexual reproduction, you can apply for a plant patent to protect your new strain.
  • Utility patents – As part of your business, you may have developed a new product or substance, including methods for growing or extracting cannabinoids. You can apply for a patent for these discoveries, but there are certain requirements and limitations that make legal guidance important.

In addition to patents, you may wish to file for a trademark for the name of any new strain you create. This is not a straightforward process, however. Mr. Nordan can explain the steps you need to take and make sure you file the necessary documentation.

Patents are not the only protection your plant variety may enjoy. The Plant Variety Protection Act will grant you exclusive control over any new and distinct plant variety for 20 years. Currently, however, this act only applies to plants with less than 0.3% THC.

Lobbying Efforts Regarding Cannabis

In Texas, in Alabama and in many other states, cannabis businesses often face legal hurdles and seek to push for legislative and policy changes with the government. Parrish Nordan has lobbying experience and can advocate for your interests in hopes of influencing new state regulations regarding cannabis laws.

Nordan Licensing Is Here For Your Business Needs

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