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Cannabis law

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Cannabis Law |

It has become increasingly clear that the cannabis industry is here to stay in the United States. From entrepreneurs to established pharmaceutical companies, everyone seems to be getting in on this growing industry.

At one time, cannabis was just that – a bushy weed people consumed to feel better about whatever ailed them. Now, cannabis involves several technologies such as developing new strains, faster cultivation and potency manipulation. Those dedicated to working within this industry need to protect their technological ideas and processes. Patents can allow you to do just that.

What kinds of cannabis technology qualify for patent prosecution?

Individuals and companies want to patent their work before others with similar technologies get ahead in the marijuana industry. As such, speed is essential when seeking a cannabis patent.

If you are unsure if your work is eligible for patent prosecution, it may help to look at some cannabis patents prosecuted in recent years.

The examples above involve cannabinoid biosynthesis, but you can patent other technologies associated with the cannabis industry. For example, if you work primarily with the development of new strains or hybrids, you can patent your discoveries to protect them from infringement.

Currently, cannabis law is still evolving across the nation and right here in Texas. For this reason, it is critical to seek protection for the work you do in the fields of medical and recreational cannabis production. If you are unfamiliar with either patent law or cannabis law, we urge you to learn more.