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Acquiring a technology patent can be complex

| Oct 24, 2021 | Intellectual Property Law |

The patent application process is not so straightforward. It can be a time-consuming, expensive and complicated process depending on the nature of your patent. 

In some cases, extensive documentation and diagrams are necessary. The awarding of your patent depends largely on how well you document your idea or design, and especially how it is different from other ones already licensed.  

Document your process

A technology patent requires clear documentation of the methods and research that went into the idea that you’re ultimately looking to patent. Therefore, it is essential to document the whole process, keeping notes of your methods and process for submission with your patent application.

In addition, your technology patent must be new, useful, and not obvious to someone skilled in that art. Otherwise, your application may be held up or turned down.

Filing a technology patent application

Once you are done with the preliminaries, you need to go through the patent application stage, which involves:

  • Drafting the physical technology patent application paperwork
  • Filing the patent with the various patent offices
  • Answering requests from the patent office
  • Explaining your technology patent to patent examiners

Your technology patent has to undergo several layers of scrutiny. The time it takes to receive approval largely depends on its complexity. Notably, international patents take longer to process due to the varying international laws.

There are specific deadlines you may need to observe to ensure a smooth application process. For instance, you need to file your patent within one year of inventing it or making it available to the public. Knowing more about what the law says will go a long way in protecting your rights as an inventor, such as protection against fraudulent activities.