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Life sciences include emerging and growing fields like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and biomedical technology. In recent years, Dallas, Texas, has achieved recognition as a growing hub for developing life science technology. Several Fortune 500 companies have relocated here, according to the Dallas Innovates website.

Most people contributing to the growth of life sciences in Texas focus mainly on their work. While understandable, there will come a time for entrepreneurs when technology and law must meet. For example, those working in life sciences will one day need to protect their intellectual property.

What needs protection?

As our growth in biotechnology and other fields continues, entrepreneurs and veterans alike will need a plan to protect intellectual property. Examples of property in need of legal protection include:

·      Trade secrets

·      Chemical formulas

·      Artificial intelligence frameworks

·      New gene technology

·      New nanotechnology

·      Drug discoveries and formulas

·      Life sciences databases

·      Trademarks, logos and copyrights

·      And many others

Without a protection plan, you risk losing your intellectual property to dishonest individuals or companies looking to claim your property as theirs.

What kind of legal guidance do you need?

There are many law firms across the nation serving in the intellectual property law field. However, you will benefit from a lawyer who can speak your language and understand your needs. Finding an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in life science fields like biotechnology increases your overall protection.

Some of the services such a law firm offers includes:

·      Acquisition and management of patents

·      Intellectual property infringement solutions

·      Compliance with federal clinical trial regulations

·      Guidance in seeking and acquiring venture capital

We understand that your intellectual property law needs are different than those working in other fields. Our attorneys invite you to reach out for personalized guidance or continue learning more by exploring our website. With proper legal counsel, you will be ready when you reach the place where life sciences and law converge.