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Leading Your Aerospace Company Into The Future

Many aerospace companies are on the cutting edge of technology, leading the market in exciting new directions. This is one area where innovation is limited only by one’s imagination. Recent developments include the integration of biotechnology with aviation, which is just one example of the many directions an aerospace company can go.

Innovation does not come without risk, however. You must take certain steps to ensure your company’s future by protecting your innovative ideas, pursuing the right business opportunities and defending your company against legal challenges. At Nordan Licensing, patent attorney Parrish Nordan has the experience and skill needed to guide your business as it moves forward.

Ready With The Legal Services Your Company Needs

From business formation to trademarks to litigation, your company will face many different legal issues over time. Nordan Licensing is a firm you can turn to for a variety of business needs. Mr. Nordan can help you resolve the following legal matters:

  • Patents – Aerospace companies often rely on their innovative products as the baseline of their business plans. Make sure you protect your company’s ideas and inventions through the patent process.
  • Government regulation and compliance – The aerospace industry tends to attract attention from the government due to its connections with defense capabilities, as well as the need for safety regulations. Mr. Nordan will help you navigate secrecy orders, safety requirements and interstate commerce laws.
  • Business litigation – As a business owner, you must deal with the everyday challenges of running a business. When disputes arise, you need an attorney to defend your interests.
  • International law – In today’s global market, you will likely need to conduct business overseas. Mr. Nordan can help you with international contracts and agreements and assist you in understanding trade regulations.
  • Licensing agreements – When an opportunity arises for you to either license your intellectual property to another party or to purchase a license from another company, Mr. Nordan will help you develop a comprehensive agreement that covers key issues.

The Right Lawyer To Trust With Your Intellectual Property

Your company’s intellectual property is likely its most valuable asset. Innovation and patents are crucial to the success of most aerospace companies. This is why you must follow the necessary steps to not only register your patents, but to monitor and manage them in the future as well. Although innovation possibilities seem endless, you still must be strategic about investing in your company’s future.

Protecting and defending your company’s intellectual property requires a lawyer with a specific set of skills and experience. Parrish Nordan is a registered patent attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is licensed to practice in Texas, Alabama and South Carolina. He represents companies nationwide with their intellectual property needs. He not only procures patents for his clients, but he manages intellectual property portfolios to make sure they are making the most of their assets.

Discuss Your Company’s Needs With Parrish Nordan

Mr. Nordan can help you guide your company toward a successful future. Schedule a consultation by calling his office at 214-838-0054 or sending an online message.