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Leveraging Your Ideas Into A Successful Venture

Nordan Licensing can manage and secure every aspect of your inventions, technology innovation and other intellectual property. Patent attorney Parrish Nordan has the experience needed to protect your interests and help maximize the value of your ideas, inventions and investments while allowing you to focus on other business ventures. Learn more about him here:

With offices in Dallas and Birmingham, Nordan Licensing assists clients in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina and across the country with legal guidance on all manner of intellectual property (IP). Mr. Nordan is a registered patent attorney admitted to practice in patent cases before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. He is a licensed attorney in Texas, Alabama, the District of Columbia and South Carolina.

A Mission Focused On Progress And Growth

Mr. Nordan’s goal is to offer his clients the professional resources they need to build their businesses through innovation. Whether you are a startup or an established corporation, a robust IP portfolio will allow you to advance your business financially, as well as increase its underlying value. In addition to his legal skills, Mr. Nordan also has a solid technical background in life sciences, which includes research in toxicology and developmental biology as well as experience in biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI) and the software arts.

Your Company’s Success Is Nordan Licensing’s Motivation

Few people are fortunate enough to truly enjoy the work they do and work in an area where they excel. Mr. Nordan is one of those people. He loves to see a client’s patent approved by the USPTO and know that he helped his client elevate their idea to the highest level. He measures his own success by watching his clients advance, grow, and increase company and brand valuations.

Invest In Your Company’s Innovation

Nordan Licensing is ready to help you build on your success. To schedule an initial consultation, call 214-838-0054 or fill out the online contact form.