Intelligently Developing And
Protecting Your Intellectual Property

From patent prosecution and trademark enforcement to licenses and brand protection, Nordan Licensing meets the intellectual property needs of businesses in Texas, Alabama and nationwide.

Offering A Broad Spectrum
Of IP Legal Services

With offices in Dallas and Birmingham, Nordan Licensing is an intellectual property firm serving clients nationwide. The firm provides a full range of services, including patent prosecution, post-grant proceedings, trademark protection and enforcement, brand protection, licensing and technology innovation. In addition, the firm prosecutes patents before the USPTO in the areas of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the software arts.

The firm’s goal is to provide both startups and established corporations with the highly skilled legal resources they need to build their IP portfolios, increase the value of their businesses and springboard them to higher levels of financial success.

A Boutique IP/Patent Law Firm Serving Clients In Dallas, Birmingham And Nationwide

Tech Innovation For Startups

Complex Business Litigation

Cannabis Developments

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Meet Your Lawyer

Parrish Nordan is a Registered Patent Attorney with a technical background that includes biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI) and the software arts. He has negotiated licensing agreements worth six figures for major nationwide corporations, assisted numerous startups with technological innovation issues, and earned the respect of clients and peers alike.

“You can build things of your own that other people can use. And once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”
— Steve Jobs

Assisting A Wide Array Of Business Clients

Over the years, the firm has represented various Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 companies in intellectual property matters, as well as managed IP portfolios for both local technology startups and large national corporations. Current and former clients include IBM Watson, Salesforce, Medtronic, Axon and other well-known companies across the U.S.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to patent your technological innovations, a software corporation with a licensing dispute or a pharmaceutical company seeking to safeguard key biochemical formulas, Nordan Licensing can meet your needs.

Industries served include:

  • Biotechnology and life sciences (cannabis varieties, immunology, neural networks, nucleic acid sequencing, etc.)
  • Medical devices (implants, surgical equipment, etc.)
  • Electronics (software, artificial intelligence and machine learning, etc.)
  • Telecommunications (access networks, routers, etc.)
  • Engineering (automotive parts, robotic devices, etc.)
  • Chemistry (new formulas, nanotechnology, etc.)
  • Aerospace and defense (transportation, interstate commerce, etc.)